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Annual Board Meeting 4/22/07

APRIL 22, 2007

Call meeting to order President Pat Dolan at 7:07p.m.

Attending-Jon Benusa, Doug Black, Jody Christensen, Matt Cranston, Shane Dock,  Pat Dolan, Jeanne Eliason, Karl Erickson,  DiAnne Fuller, Linda Jensen, Keith VanDell, Monica Wheeler

Guests-John Novak, Kelly and Suzi Bopray, Mark Swanson, Natalie Benusa, Mici Luedtke, Heidi Roettger, Mike Kleinbrook, Brad Kempf

Motion by Keith VanDell, 2nd by Linda Jensen to accept the Annual meeting minutes from the 2006 meeting, Motion Carries.Motion by Linda Jensen, 2nd by Jody Christensen to accept the Treasurers report, motion carries.

Reid Wronski from the City of River Falls came to discuss the placement of the walkway, when the City put it in they used to much of our land, suggestions would be to move-it, defer it, the city is responsible and will do what we ask.

Heidi Roettger-Rec. Hockey-Park and Rec have a Dec. 1st deadline for registration Shane Dock has given them ice times that would work.  They are looking to use goalie gear, helmets ect. From us.  We will discuss at the next meeting

Jon Benusa-update on building, ice is out building in rough shape, 1st and foremost is the refrigeration system.  End of May-Rink Tech to complete repairs and we’ll put the ice back in.

Phil Gadke-Has someone looking into repairing the roof.  Chad Nyhus will repair the roof at no cost.

Jody Christensen passed out committee sheets from members to sign-up for.

Nominations for the 2007-2008 Board of Directors.  New members voted in Jon Benusa, Karl Erickson, Mark Swanson, Lewis Sequin, Pat Dolan.

Keith VanDell went of the 2006-2007 Budget Summary

Motion to adjourn by Jon Benusa, 2nd by Linda Jensen, Motion Carries.