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Special October 2007

OCT. 4TH 2007

Call meeting to order-President Keith VanDell

 Attending-Jon Benusa, Doug Black, Jody Christesen, Matt Cranston, Shane Dock, Pat Dolan, Jeanne Eliason, Karl Erickson,  Mark Swanson, Keith VanDell

 Missing-DiAnne Fuller

 Meeting regarding refinance:  we have an offer on the table to refi. As a new group here are the terms

 5% interest for 20 years

Dissolve existing board and make up new one under Pierce Country Athletic Association.

 The board members would be:

 Mark Pilney

Peter Andersen

Jim Renslow

Bank treasurer

Grant writer

 Nothing else would change; we would save over 3,000 per month, and will have paid off all of our outstanding debts.

 Motion by Pat Dolan, 2nd by Matt Cranston to Have Pierce County Athletic Association provide a business proposal/agreement, spelling out the terms and legal responsibilities and protection for all involved parties. We reserve the right to seek advice to make a sound decision and will do so promptly.  Motion Carries.

 Motion by Doug Black, 2nd by Shane Dock to adjourn.  Motion Carries

 Next Meeting Oct. 22-6p.m.