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September 2007


Call meeting to order President-Keith VanDell

 Attending-Jon Benusa, Jody Christensen, Matt Cranston, Shane Dock, Pat Dolan, Jeanne Eliason, Karl Erickson, DiAnne Fuller, Mark Swanson, Keith VanDell

 Missing-Doug Black, Lewis Sequin

 Guests-Mark Pilney, Peter Andersen, Scott Shew, Kelly Bopray, Phil Gribble

 Motion by Mark Swanson, 2nd by Jeanne Eliason to approve the secretary’s report, motion carries

 Motion by Jody Christensen, 2nd by Matt Cranston to approve the treasurer’s report, motion carries.

 Mark Pilney presented the information from the state regarding the 501c3 for the new organization.  We need to get more info. Keith VanDell will work on this.

 Motion by Karl Erickson, 2nd by Matt Cranston to waive the August 1st deadline in the move-up request policy to allow a squirt family to ask to be considered to move to peewees.  Motion carries-abstaining from vote-Jody Christensen

 Recommendation of Ace committee to allow skater to tryout with the peewees and then follow the procedure from this point on.  Motion Carries-Abstaining-Jody Christensen & DiAnne Fuller , 6 votes yes.

 Numbers indicate the following teams and levels

Bantams 1 team A-Wis, and B MN

PeeWees 2 teams A,B, WI and B, C, MN

Squirts 2 teams A,B WI and C,C MN

U14-A MN and WI

U12-B MN and A WI

 Marketing Committee is looking into new organizational tool, will work and the final draft.

 Motion by Jon Benusa, 2nd by Mark Swanson to approve the recommendation list from the Arena Management committee regarding the volunteer’s duties.  This is a work in progress.  Motion Carries.

 Next Meeting September 24th, 2007

 Motion by Matt Cranston, 2nd by Shane Dock to adjourn @ 11:15p.m..  Motion Carries