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February 2007

FEBRUARY 19, 2007

Call meeting to order-President Pat Dolan

 Attending-Jon Benusa, Doug Black, Jody Christensen, Matt Cranston, Pat Dolan, Jeanne Eliason,  Karl Erickson, DiAnne Fuller, Linda Jensen, Shane Dock, Monica Wheeler

 Missing-Keith VanDell

 Motion by Karl Erickson, 2nd by Monica Wheeler to accept the secretary’s report.  Motion Carries

 Motion by Linda Jensen, 2nd by Jody Christensen to accept the treasurer’s report.  Motion Carries

 Motion by Jon Benusa, 2nd by Monica Wheeler to create a ice scheduling committee with Shane Dock as the Chair.  Motion Carries.

 Jon Benusa gave update on refrigeration; Rink Tec is taking responsibility for the repairs and hopes to have it working correctly soon.

 Parent Manual work in progress-Karl Erickson presented the manual for a rough draft will clean it up and will vote at next board meeting.

 Motion by Karl Erickson, 2nd by DiAnne Fuller to approve the scheduling guidelines which are as follows: Game limits-Mites-18, Squirts(U10)30, PeeWee(U12)-35, Bantmas(U14)-40=Tournaments limits-Mites-1, Squirts(U10)-3, PeeWee(U12)-3, Bantams)U14)-4 Minimum days off per week-Atoms-5, Mites-4, Squirt(U10)-2, PeeWee(U12)-2, Bantams(U14)-1  Motion Carries.

 Discussion on the move-up policy, Karl Erickson will present to the board at March Meeting for approval.

 Registration dates-Spring-April 30th, Fall-Sept-10 both are from 6-8p.m.

 Looking for new board members 4 are up for reelection, The election takes place in April.

 Motion by Matt Cranston, 2nd by Jon Benusa to pay $200.00 for the rink manager to attend a WIAMA-convention.  Motion Carries.

 MKG/DEV committee met and presented some ideas to the board, they are working hard to get some things going, Writing grants and looking for other ways to bring in some money.

Looking into doing pull-tabs at Coaches bar in River Falls.

Motion by Karl Erickson, 2nd by Monica Wheeler to keep 1st year skater 4-8 year olds skate free as a option, no registration but must do hours and fund-raising-Motion Carries.

 Motion by Jon Benusa, 2nd by Jody Christensen to create a list of people that can open and close.  Motion Carries.

 Next board meeting-March 19th at 6:30p.m. at the Wildcat Centre

Motion by Matt Cranston, 2nd by Karl Erickson to adjourn, Motion Carries.