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Board Members 2018-2019 Season

Board Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each Month starting at 6PM.

Frank Linn

Frank Linn

Board Member (Term expires April 2022)

Phone: (c) 715-821-8427

Jody Christensen

Jody Christensen

Board Member / Off-Ice Hockey Operations (Term expires Apr 2022)

Phone: (c) 715-307-3193

Kaylan Wilson

Board Member (Term expires Apr 2022)

John Linehan

John Linehan

Board Member / (Term expires Apr 2022)

Phone: 715-760-9901

Neil Accola

Neil Accola

Board Member /CONCESSION COORDINATOR/Treasurer & Finance Coordinator (Term expires Apr 2020)

Phone: (c) 612-770-5759

Nicole  Ralston

Nicole Ralston

Board Member (Term expires 2020)

Phone: 651-246-0493

Carrie Torgersen

Board Member (Term Expires April 2020)

Jana  Walker

Jana Walker

Board Member (Term expires 2020)

Phone: 317-258-1018

Kevin Hare

Kevin Hare

Board Member/Mite Coordinator/On Ice Coordinator (Term expires April 2021)

Phone: (c) 715-410-0384

Shelly  Thompson

Shelly Thompson

President/ Fundraising (Term Expires April 2021)

Phone: (c) 612-669-5160

Chris  Larsen

Chris Larsen

Board Member (Term expires Apr 2021)

Phone: (c) 715-559-2519

Paul Bloodhart

Paul Bloodhart

Board Member (Term expires April 2021)

Phone: (c) 715-497-6315