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2022 Raffle Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the raffle winners! Checks will be mailed to the addresses listed on the ticket stubs. If you did not include an address on the stub, there may be delays. Please direct any questions regarding payments to

Thank you to everyone that contributed to our successful fundraising efforts! 

$500 Winners

  • Matt Rappel
  • Michael Shanks
  • Catherine Flowers
  • Matt & Kaytlynn Naber
  • Chad & Jessalin Salay
  • Scott Gullicks
  • Jim Hoepfl
  • Doug Vezina
  • Kristi Sharon
  • Marilyn Bell

$250 Winners

  • Matt & Kaytlynn Naber
  • Greg & Stacey Sayler
  • Faith Hartenstein
  • Elaine Ketchum
  • Michelle Swenson
  • Hattie Ekholm
  • Kasie Feran
  • Sarah Markert
  • Bennie Helminiak
  • Jim Hoepfl

Continued Support for the RFYHA

Within hours after the announcement of the winner of the Kraft Hockeyville Contest, our communities continue to rally around the River Falls Youth Hockey Association! We have had multiple inquiries about how they can donate to the RFYHA. With nothing currently in place for direct donations, the RFYHA created a Give Lively donation page. 

River Falls Youth Hockey Association Give Lively Donation Link

The RFYHA is a 501(c) (3) Charitable Organization. Donations to the RFYHA are tax-deductible. 

We cannot thank everyone enough for the past, present, and future support of our communities. 


Amazon Smile

Here is the link for Amazon. Just click the link and a small percentage of your entire Amazon order will be credited to RFYHA! No fee, no extra or hidden costs. Simple way to help!