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Special September 2007

SEPTEMBER 24, 2007

Call meeting to order-President Keith VanDell

Attending-Jon Benusa, Doug Black, Jody Christensen, Matt Cranston, Shane Dock, Jeanne Eliason, Karl Erickson, DiAnne Fuller, Mark Swanson, Keith VanDell

 Missing-Pat Dolan

 Motion by Shane Dock, 2nd by Jon Benusa to accept the resignation of Lewis Sequin as a board member, Motion carries

 Presentation from arena management committee, on how to run the building:  they broke it down into 4 different buckets, with 1 chair person getting all their required hours.  The buckets are:

Ice and Zamboni-Chair Jon Lerma

Concession-Chair-Mary Gribble

House Keeping-Candice Mailand

Facilities Operation-Lisa Woiwode

Discussion on coaches that will be put into place before tryouts are

Bantams-Rob Duebel, and College Student

The rest of the groups will be decided after try-outs, due to parent coaches.

During the warm-ups(1st week) coaches will be on the ice at all levels, During the evaluation nights the Fusion will run the Squirt groups, and the Wildcats will run the PeeWee groups, no coaches for these levels will be on the ice.

 Motion by Jody Christensen 2nd by Shane Dock to pay DiAnne Fuller the 135.87 that she paid to the phone company on our behalf.  Motion Carries

Motion by DiAnne Fuller, 2nd by Shane Dock to pay Doug Black 320.50 for Becker, and 262.20 for Coke which he paid on our behalf.  Motion Carries.

Next Meeting-Oct. 22nd 2007-6p.m.

Motion by Karl Erickson, 2nd by Mark Swanson to adjourn.  Motion carries.