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August 2007

AUGUST 14, 2007

Attending-Jon Benusa, Doug Black, Jody Christensen, Pat Dolan, Jeanne Eliason, Karl Erickson, DiAnne Fuller, Mark Swanson

 Missing-Matt Cranston, Lewis Sequin, Keith VanDell, Shane Dock,

Guests-Natalie Benusa

Called meeting to order Vice-President-Doug Black

Motion by DiAnne Fuller, 2nd by Mark Swanson to accept the secretary’s report, motion carries.

 Motion by Jody Christensen, 2nd by Jeanne Eliason, to accept the treasurer’s report, motion carries.

 Motion by Mark Swanson, 2nd by Karl Erickson to repay DiAnne Fuller 271.63 which she paid on the phone bill.  Motion carries.

 Ice Conditions-we had a meltdown last week, Rink-Tec had been out 5 out of 10 days, we believe we have the problems fixed and should be in good shape.

 Rink Manager Committee met and came up with 4 options for the management of the arena:

  1. Hire a rink manager
  2. Hire a rink manager company
  3. Use all Volunteers to cover rink
  4. Break into buckets and sub contract it out 

Teams will have to have two zamboni drivers per team to zam before and after practices
Teams will be responsible for cleaning the bleachers during practices

 After much discussion, a decision was made to have an association wide meeting to discuss the options, the meeting is Aug 27th at 6:30p.m. Keith VanDell will send out an email, for those that do not reply, we will follow-up with a phone call.

 Equipment swap is scheduled to happen on Sept 10th at registration; Natalie Benusa will put together a flyer to be emailed out

 Natalie Benusa will put registration flyers at the schools for the open houses on the 1st day of school.

 Tryout Procedure:  Motion by Karl Erickson, 2nd by Jody Christensen to accept the list of non-parent, non-member, waha hockey evaluators, to pick the teams for the 2007-08 season.  Motion Carries.

 Building Update-Have a list of jobs that need to be done, a list will be on the website, and we will email it out, looking for help with these projects.

 Tryout Jerseys: Karl Erickson is looking into getting some pull-overs to use.

Walkway Easement-Doug Black is waiting to hear back from Keith VanDell regarding a meeting with the city

 Mark Swanson checked into charitable gambling, at this time we are putting it on hold due to the regulations for the state.

Motion by Karl Erickson, 2nd by Jeanne Eliason to bump the Learn to Skate program to the Spring when the season ends, motion carries.

 Motion by Karl Erickson, 2nd by DiAnne Fuller to move a mite skater to squirts for the try-outs, must follow the guidelines put in place by the committee.  Motion Carries.

 Next meeting-after registration on Sept 10th.

 Motion by Jody Christensen, 2nd by Pat Dolan to adjourn, motion carries.