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April 2007

APRIL 22, 2007

Meeting called to order by President-Pat Dolan

Nominated for President-Pat Dolan by Jeanne Eliason, 2nd by Mark Swanson, Nomination for Jon Benusa by Jody Christensen, Jon Declined.  Nomination for Keith VanDell by pat Dolan, 2nd by Jody Christensen.  After Keith was nominated Pat Dolan declined.  New President Keith VanDell.

Nomination for Vice-President-Doug Black by Jeanne Eliason, Pat Dolan by DiAnne Fuller.  Vote went to Doug Black.  Doug Black is the new Vice President

Secretary nominations-Jody Christensen by Keith VanDell-New Secretary Jody Christensen.

Nomination for Treasurer- DiAnne Fuller by Keith VanDell-DiAnne Fuller new treasurer.

Next meeting-April 30th after registration to discuss numbers and finances only.

Motion to adjourn Jody Christensen, 2nd by Shane Dock.  Motion Carries