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January 2007

JANUARY 14, 2007

Call meeting to order by President-Pat Dolan at 6:35p.m.

 Attending-Jon Benusa, Doug Black, Jody Christensen, Matt Cranston, Shane Dock,  Pat Dolan, Jeanne Eliason,  Karl Erickson, DiAnne Fuller, Linda Jensen, Monica Wheeler, Keith VanDell.

 Guests-Phil Gadke

 Motion by Linda Jensen, 2nd by Jeanne Eliason to approve the secretary’s report.  Motion Carries.

 Motion by Linda Jensen, 2nd by Monica Wheeler to approve the treasurer’s report.  After going through the monthly bills, motion carries/

 Discussion on the refinance of the building-Keith VanDell will put together what we would like to see in the agreement, and also talk with one more place to see if they could get us a better deal.

 Welcomed the new rink Manager-Phil Gadke.

 Doug Black reported the progress on the dasher boards, hoping to have money coming in over the next 4 weeks, Looking into the old contracts and getting some new ones, hoping to get everyone on the same renew date eventually.

 Rough Draft for Policies-Tabled

 Ice Sales-Discussion on how to sell more ice, Phil Gadke mentioned that he would work on the sales, and Shane Dock will help out.

 Practice Ice Limits-Tabled

 Locker Rooms-Motion by Shane Dock, 2nd by Jeanne Eliason to move the equipment room to locker room 7, and also use that for outdoor ice skaters, and make the equipment room into a locker room.  Motion Carries.

 Update on Rink Compressor/Dehumidification system-Jon Benusa has scheduled a meeting with everyone involved for Tuesday, Jan 15, 2007.  We hope to have the problem and the solution nailed down by the end of this meeting.

 We are encouraging any hockey complaints be referred to the team liaisons first, and then brought to the board.

 The Marketing committee will be meeting on the 24th of Jan.  part of the discussion will include a recreational style of hockey.  This was brought up by a parent in the association we will look into it at this meeting.

 We need to keep a better paper trail when we are spending money and also we are asked to sign off on the unusual bills for the o.k. before they are paid.

 Email Votes-are discouraged please try to have a face to face meeting when at all possible.

 Atoms Jamboree-Checking with Mark Pilney on the insurance coverage, to make sure we can have other skaters on the ice during the event.

 We will be putting a hand rail up by the steps going to the Mezzanine.  We have had some folks fall.

 Next Meeting-Feb 19th at 6:30p.m. at the Wildcat Centre

 Motion by Matt Cranston, 2nd by DiAnne Fuller to adjourn, motion Carries.