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Special Association Meeting


Call meeting to order-President Keith VanDell at 6:40p.m.

Board members attending: Jon Benusa, Doug Black, Jody Christensen, Matt Cranston, Pat Dolan, Jeanne Eliason, Karl Erickson, DiAnne Fuller, Keith VanDell

Missing-Shane Dock, Lewis Sequin, Mark Swanson

Note:  35 families represented besides the hockey board

Hockey Association Finances:  We currently have outstanding bills totaling 73,000.   Some of this represents debt we can carry and some represents payments in arrears for mortgage and lease agreements.  Some of the reasons for the debt are Mechanical problems, we did not sell enough summer ice for the last two summers, and concession stand income is down.  Details were provided to Members for review.  We are coming into our income generating season but we have a lot of work to do to solidify our books.  Much work is being done in several areas to do this.  

Hockey Arena Systems Update:  We are still not running without problems.  We are still working with vendors to fix the existing issues.  We have made definite strides in working with Rink Tec and others.  We have a great team of people working on this, including Tom Patrick and Jon Benusa.  Details were covered at meeting.  We had a refrigerant leak of about 900 lbs at $6 to $8 a pound.  We need to replace another part for around $6000 as well.  We are talking about $25,000 of total work with current balance and needed repairs.

Hockey Arena Management:  The board is recommending that we try to run this season (2007-08) without a manager.  We will use ALL of the families in the association.  The Building Operations Committee will meet to outline exactly how this will work and present to the Board on September 10 at the meeting.  With salary, benefits and workman’s Comp, this takes approximately 30,000 from our annual budget for this season.  Unfortunately, at least for this year, we have replaced this cost with many mechanical repair costs.

Hockey Fund-Raising:  Doug Black discussed the upcoming money making ideas.  We are coming up with a smaller level of donation for advertising.  We are going to do several small raffles, instead of the ATV raffle.  Tournaments are our number one fund raiser.  We need to pay special attention to these fundraisers and be sure to sign up and make sure these tourneys run well.  There are several efforts underway to improve financials.

Questions and Answers:  We opened up the floor to questions; several people had suggestions that we will look at to help us move forward.  Most questions revolved around funding and how to bring in money to the association.   Ideas in regard to grant and foundation were discussed.  Call campaigns once a year (like NPR does), many other ideas.  Names of the people involved in these ideas were taken down and they will be asked to participate in our marketing committee to determine viability and accomplish these objectives as applicable.

Meeting ended at 8:00p.m.