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Board of Directors

RFYHA Board of Directors Serves Our Mission:

River Falls Youth Hockey Association (RFYHA) strives to provide an opportunity for youth in the River Falls and surrounding areas to participate in an organized hockey program that promotes an educational, fun, challenging and safe hockey experience. We offer each player an opportunity to participate to the best of their ability, with the goal of long-term growth and development in an environment that fosters integrity, teamwork and good sportsmanship. 

Monthly Board Meetings

RFYH Board meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 6:00 to 7:30 PM at the Wildcat Centre.

These are official meetings of the board.  The agenda and discussions are for the members of the board.  Meetings are open to the membership and public to be present as guests and guests are welcome to make a comment to the board during the allocated time of the agenda for guest comments.   

Monthly Board Meeting MINUTES

Board Orientation Manual

RFYHA Board Orientation Manual

Are you a new board member or wanting to learn more ? Resource for new board members.

Constitution and Policy Handbook

Constitution and Policy Handbook

The Articles of Incorporation (Constitution) and Bylaws (Policy Handbook)

RFYHA Organization Chart

The operations for running a youth hockey program in addition to owning and operating the Wildcat Centre requires an organized approach to volunteer efforts and roles.

Review the affiliated documents:

1. Organizational structure

2. Jobs and job descriptions.

RFYHA Organization Chart

Volunteer Jobs and Descriptions

Service Hours

Team Manager

Find more information on the roles and responsibilities of being a Team Manager on the 'Teams' page HERE

Board Members



Kaylan Wilson

Kaylan Wilson

President (Term expires April 2025)

Phone: 763-443-9069

Jody Christensen

Jody Christensen

Vice President (Term expires April 2025)

Phone: 715-307-3193

Chad Flanagan

Chad Flanagan

Treasurer (Term Expires April 2025)

Phone: 715-222-4807

John Robinson

Secretary (Term expires April 2026)

Phone: 715-338-7687

John Weich

Board Member (Term expires April 2024)

Phone: 651-775-2813

Hattie Ekholm

Board Member (Term Expires April 2024)

Phone: 715-220-2032

Carrie Torgersen

Carrie Torgersen

Board Member (Term expires April 2024)

Phone: 763-242-5623

Danny Schnacky

Board Member (Term Expires April 2024)

Phone: 715-222-9865

Kyle Wright

Board Member (Term expires April 2026)

Phone: 715-821-1666

Pat Gundersen

Board Member (Term Expires April 2026)

Phone: 612-751-9673

Vanessa Withers

Board Member (Term Expires April 2026)

Phone: 312-320-3087

Jeff Prochnow

Board Member (Term expires April 2025)

Phone: 715-781-7487