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Board Elections

2018 Board Bio's



Kevin Hare

My name is Kevin Hare, and I excited for the opportunity to continue to be a part of our great association’s board team. My wife Debbie and I hail from Chippewa Falls and have lived in River Falls for 13 years. Growing up, I spent many summers and winter breaks in RF at my Grandparent’s home in town. Deb and I have two boys, Owen (9) and Ethan (7). Owen is finishing his first year of Squirts and Ethan will be a third year Mite next Fall. I work at Best Maid Cookie Company as the Warehouse Manager and my wife works at UWRF in Adult Continuing Education.

I’ve spent 40 years in hockey as a player in the Youth, High School, Division I College, and European Semi-Pro levels. I’ve coached and coordinated the Mite and Squirt teams for the past six years. I have been the On-Ice Director for the past 2 years and hope that you’ve seen the growth and development of our players and coaches. I’m excited to continue in that role as we look to develop fundamentally

skilled hockey players while building hockey sense.

There is still more that I feel I can give the association as a board member and would be honored by you to continue my service in a greater capacity with our Association.

Regards, Kevin

Paul Bloodhart

Please let me introduce myself, my name is Paul Bloodhart and I would like to run for a position on the Board of the River Falls Youth Hockey Association. I believe that most of you already know me from our involvement at the rink, but for those of you who do not, here is a quick overview of myself. Our family joined the association in 2014 when our oldest son, Preston started in the Learn to Skate Program. Since then, we have also enrolled our younger son, Parker and continue to enjoy being a part of this association. My wife Stesha and I have been the Mite Team Managers for the past two seasons and are looking forward to the next. We have really enjoyed our time as managers and meeting all the great families of the association. We cannot wait to take what we have learned and use it to make next year even better for both our new and returning families.
Professionally I am a Territory Parts Sales Rep for a local Heavy Duty Truck dealership and love my daily interaction with all my customers. I enjoy working with people not only negotiating and selling but working thru problems and coming to solutions that are best for all parties involved. I love to problem solve and even though I never seek out conflict, I’m not afraid to ask the questions and work thru anything for a resolution. I feel open dialog and brainstorming is the key to success in all aspects of life, personal or work, and firmly believe everyone has something to bring to the table.
In closing, I would like to thank you for your time. Please consider me for a place on the board. I would love the opportunity to become involved on a deeper level as a board member of the RFYHA.
Paul Bloodhart
Cell 715.497.6315

Jess Brunkhorst

My name is Jess Brunkhorst and I’d like to be considered for a position on our RFYHA Board. My husband Jake and I have two sons, Gage and Holt who started in the program in 2015. I’ve been fortunate enough to coach Mites for the past three seasons and enjoy participating in the skaters on-ice growth and development.

Growing up in South St. Paul, MN, hockey is an immense part of our community, but my personal hockey journey didn’t begin until 1994 when my high school first offered girls hockey. That inaugural season we earned a berth to the first ever girls state high school hockey tournament and I’m honored to have been a part of that history. Ever since then, hockey has played an important role in my life. During college at UWRF, I was able to take part in making history again by playing for the first ever UWRF women’s hockey team. My degree in Health and Human Performance, with a minor in coaching further engrained my passion and knowledge of the sport. I’ve been an assistant coach for several hockey and soccer teams, ranging from youth through college and male and female athletes.

I didn’t get a chance to play formal hockey as a child as the opportunities didn’t exist; but the hockey landscape has evolved and the opportunity to play at any level, regardless of gender continues to increase. I want to be elected to the board to ensure all youth have an opportunity to play hockey for an organization that is committed to their growth and development. That we continually assess our program to meet the needs of all skaters and members, at all stages of development. In my professional life, I am an Instructional Designer for The Hartford, which is a fancy way of saying I create learning programs and technical procedures for adult audiences. Using my professional experience, I would work to enhance our communication strategy to ensure members, parents and skaters understand our mission, provide clarity regarding program decisions, and create stronger lines of communication throughout our entire program. Furthermore, I would bring added value to the board as a female with on-ice experience and an athletic education background.

Hockey has become the fabric of my family’s life and I wish to contribute to my organization and community by representing a seat on the RFYHA Board. I appreciate your vote consideration. 

Jessica McQuade

My name is Jessica McQuade and I am excited about the chance to become a member of our Hockey Board team. I live here in River Falls with my husband Brian and my two sons, Chase and Landon (Beano). Chase will be a first year Bantam next year and Beano will be a second year squirt. Our family has been a part of the River Falls Youth Hockey Association for the past 8 years when Chase started out as a mite. I grew up in Lake City, MN and came to River Falls for college and fell in love with the community. I am a fourth grade teacher at North Hudson Elementary. This is my 17th year teaching at that level.

I have taken on different roles throughout my years in our association. I managed the Squirt A team of 2015-2016. Last year I managed the Peewee B team and this year I am the manager of the Squirt B team. Through this role, I have learned to manage the organization of the team, the families and their schedule, be sure we are prepared for all of the games, and schedule WAHA games as well as our out of town tournaments for the year. I really enjoy managing these teams and being a part of the community of the team.

I have also been a member of the tournament committee for the past 4 years. There are many roles associated with this. I have helped set up and clean up for a tournament, I stuff tournament bags for every tournament, train liaisons in for tournaments, or step in to be a liaison if we are unable to find someone. Through this tournament committee, I have really seen how when we all work together, great things happen and we are all one big team working to make our tournaments and association a success.

I want to become a member of our Board because I am really excited about our hockey association and where it is headed. This year, more than any other year, I have felt more of a sense of community and pride in our association and I want to help that feeling to foster and grow. I feel that my years as a teacher have helped me gain an understanding of kids and what motivates them and makes them feel good about what they are doing. I also feel that I can be an understanding leader who can listen to and promote ideas from members of RFYHA.

Please consider me for a member of the River Falls Youth Hockey Board. Thank you. Jessica McQuade 

Chris Larson


I’m Chris Larsen and I would like to serve on the River Falls Youth Hockey Association Board. My wife, Jenny, and I have two children in the association. Jack is a squirt and Emma is a mite. My wife attended River Falls High School while I am relatively new to the area, having moved here in 2008. I have head coached in the River Falls Youth Football Association over the past three years.

Upon graduating from college with a degree in Communications, I worked in sports media for nearly a decade. I am currently a small business owner working in ecommerce, search engine optimization, and online content production. In short, I look for opportunities for my clients to reach their customers faster, easier, and in a more meaningful way than their competition. This is done by analyzing data, creating a plan, and executing the plan.

I would like to bring this blueprint for success to the River Falls Youth Hockey Association. The association and current board have done an incredible job of growing the association and raising the

level of play of our teams. But I believe better analysis of the data we’re collecting and the use of technology on other fronts can truly provide greater success in the near and distant future. Finding solutions for limited ice time is another issue I would like to help solve.

I hope to help our association improve at all levels through a role on the board. Thank you for your consideration.
Chris Larsen 

Joel Stanley

My name is Joel Stanley and I would like to serve on the RFYHA Association board. I grew up in northern Minnesota, and my wife Bobbi grew up here in River Falls. We have two children, Ella a 4th grader at Westside Elementary, and also a U10. Jada our 1st grader, also at Westside Elementary, is involved in the River Falls Gymnastics club.

I work for a roofing and siding contractor out of White Bear Lake. My wife Bobbi works for a bank out of Woodbury. This up coming year she will be taking over the roll of register for the Association.

One of the reasons that I would like to serve on the board, is that I fell that it is important for our kids to be involved in activities. We as parents need to make sure that we are involved also so programs like this can continue.

Thank You, Joel Stanley 

Shelly Thompson

Hi! I’m Shelly Thompson and I am running for the youth hockey board. My husband Brian and I have been a part of this association for 10 years. I was on the youth hockey board for approximately 5 years previously and have been in charge of the Fundraising bucket for RFYHA for the past 9 years. I have also been a team manager here at the youth level for the past 3 seasons. We have 3 boys that play hockey. My oldest two started out in the youth program and are now in High School; Taylor as a Junior and Kyle as a Freshman. Our youngest Caleb is a first year PeeWee. I have spent the past two years serving as President of the high school hockey programs Blue Line Club. We are doing great things as an association and have continued to grow this program. I enjoy being involved in RFYHA and I want to jump back in on the board and help to keep us moving forward!

I have owned Leaps and Bounds Child Care Center in Rosemount, MN for the past 14 years. When I’m not at my kids’ events or here at the rink I am managing a team of 15 staff and ensuring that the 60 kids in my program are well taken care of. My life revolves around kids and making sure that they have the best experiences possible. Running my own business makes me a great candidate for the board as it has taught me how to effectively communicate with a team of people, work together on projects as well as independently, multi-task, and learn and understand all the different facets of a business. RFYHA is a business. Yes, we are an association but the amount of work that goes into running this association is nothing short of a small corporation. I have a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing and Management. After having been on this board previously as well as my small business I feel like I have a broad knowledge to help accomplish the goals we set moving forward for RFYHA.

Thanks for supporting River Falls Youth Hockey and I am excited to see where we go from here! Thanks for considering me for a board position. 

Greg Campus

My name is Greg Campus and I am interested in serving as a board member for the RFYHA. My wife, Jennifer, and I moved to River Falls in 2005 seeking a quieter life. We have two children, Hannah and Ethan. Hannah will be a Senior at River Falls High School next year and Ethan will be entering fifth grade at Westside Elementary. Hannah is a member of the RFHS competition cheer team, mock trial team, and plays clarinet in the band. Ethan has played soccer for the last several years, just finished his first season of baseball, and has played hockey through the RFYHA for the past three seasons, having just finished his first season on the Squirt C team.

While I did not grow up playing hockey, throughout my childhood I participated in karate, track and soccer and continued my soccer career into college at Drake University. I started coaching youth soccer in high school and have coached soccer in River Falls at various levels for the last several years. Having been personally involved with coaching I have seen the impact coaches have on shaping a child's love of sport, as well as their technical growth. My love of hockey started with experiencing the 'Miracle on Ice' in 1980 and has continued to this day. I enjoy watching the Chicago Blackhawks (probably not the best thing to say in WI and MN) and the men and women's USA teams. I only wish my hometown of Rock Island, IL had a hockey program while I was growing up.

At Drake University I was a member of the mock trial team, which taught me how to think quickly on my feet and to make effective arguments. I started my studies as an international relations major, where I learned diplomacy but ended with a degree in history, which taught me to look at past mistakes and how to avoid them moving forward. Early in my career I interned with Iowa Governor Terry Branstad which only helped solidify my diplomacy

skills. After my time with Governor Branstad I accepted a job as a manager with Sears Online where I wrote procedural manuals. Upon moving to Minnesota with Jennifer, I took a position with Wells Fargo as an operations manager working with an internationally diverse staff. This experience taught me to communicate effectively as well as problem solve when cultural differences came into play. I am currently a stay at home dad who dabbles in writing and making YouTube videos, which affords me the availability to serve our organization.

Having been involved with youth sports for several years I have seen the impact they have on molding children into adults. Sports teach kids how to work as a team, make lifelong friends, give them confidence and a love for being active. Giving a child a love of sports, as well as helping them grow personally and technically, is what youth sports should be about. I feel my diverse professional background, as well as my past involvement with various sports, would make me a valuable asset to the RFYHA. Thank you for your consideration.