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March Raffle Winners will be drawn March 8th, 2018

February Raffle Winners

$25 Winners

Brian O'Hara

Donna Mickelson

Nolan Diethert

Brian Stoeckel

Marty Mills

Barbara Rousseau

Stesha Bloodhart

Livia Hoff

Brittany Glauser

Greg Saylers

Annette Langer

Frank Linn

Dave Fries

Jerry Conley

Steve Carey

Ben Seiser

Hannah Mohs

Asia Lansing

Paul Wilson

Katie Tschida

$50 Winners

Lisa Brookshaw

E. Stanley

$75 Winner

Al Vokaty

$100 Winners

Laura Phillips

Mike Lien

Dwayne Dachel

Harriet Gould

$200 Winner

Cory and Kristine Weissinger



January Raffle Winners

January Raffle Winners


  1. Joshua Johnson
  2. Corey Kleven
  3. Matt Tuckner
  4. Clif Evans
  5. David Bell
  6. Joy and Steve Pitzl
  7. Wendy Accola
  8. Jessica Dosch
  9. Chris and Michelle Uetz
  10. Wayde Schroedor
  11. Tamara Leppla
  12. Amy Edelman
  13. Erik Bergmanis
  14. Erik Bergmanis
  15. Tom Licklider
  16. Sue Rafferty
  17. Sean Sellergren
  18. David Bell
  19. Sue Forrest
  20. Scott Friendshuh
  21. Patti Kavanagh
  22. Mel Carey
  23. Renee Bartley
  24. John Washburn


  • Sue Rafferty
  • Brock Rasmussen


  1. Vicki Olson


  1. Danielle Fleming
  2. Ruth Brenne
  3. Grant and Jenny Sayler
  4. Kayla Kusilek

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