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Volunteer Hours

2017 - 2018 Volunteer Hours

Check back here soon to view the remaining volunteer hours for the 2017 - 2018 season...


Service/Volunteer Hour Requirements

A.     Service Hour Requirement

1.     Regular Service Hours

RFYHA is a 100% volunteer organization. Because of this all members are required to help support the activities of the association by working a certain number of service hours. 

a.         Each family is required to work a minimum of 60 service hours.

b.         Families with more than one skater are required to work an additional 10 service hours per skater.  

c.         Families with a Mite as the oldest skater will have their service hour requirement reduced to 25 hours. 

d.         Families with a skater moving to Mites from Learn to Skate as the oldest skater have a service hour requirement of 15 hours.

2.     Service Hours Policies

a.         Service hours are not received when working as an “off-ice official (i.e. penalty box, score board operator or announcer) at your child’s home games. 

b.         Workers must be at least age 18 to work at high school games.  In addition, workers must be at least age 18 to work the clock, scorekeeping and the penalty box for any level of game.

c.         A list of service hour options is provided at registration. For additional service hour ideas, please contact a board member.

d.         Members that do not satisfy the service hours will be assessed a fee of $25 per hour not worked.

e.         You will be required to sign in at the time that you perform your service hours. 

f.          Service hours may not be carried into the next year. 

g.         You may not gift hours to other members unless approved by the service hour’s coordinator prior to working your shift.

Volunteer Registration

The families skating in the home tournament are allowed access to dibs before it is open to the entire association. This allows them first choice for volunteer hours that weekend. The Volunteer Registration must be completed to allow early sign up and emails.

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